Where can I buy fluoride free toothpaste?

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This is the same question I asked myself when I made the decision to switch over from a conventional toothpaste to a fluoride free natural natural toothpaste, for my oral health care regime. Where can I buy fluoride free toothpaste?.

The Marketplace

There are a multitude of fluoride free toothpaste brands in the marketplace, offering hundreds of different ingredient combinations with their unique formulas. My article, “Non fluoride toothpaste brands – Helping you to choose one, begins here” will guide you through the process of choosing the right one for you and your family.

So here are the the market sectors where you can find a selection of fluoride free toothpaste that may  suit your oral health care regime:


1. Supermarkets

2. Specialty stores

3. Major chain stores

4. The internet


It’s been good to see that supermarkets have, in the past few years added more fluoride free toothpaste brands on their shelves. The range is not huge, but at least you are given the opportunity to select one that you can try out. The tastes and quality will vary and the choices may be limited.



One brand is usually offered in these stores and they may have a variety of of flavours and ingredients to choose from in their own fluoride free toothpaste line. If the specialty store is not in your area it may be difficult to obtain the product, most have their own website. Specialty health stores and chemists, will also carry a limited number of brands, some exclusive only to them.


These stores will have a variety of fluoride free toothpastes as well but will also be limited. The brands stocked are usually exclusive to that major chain of stores and unavailable anywhere else.



This is the most popular place where you can source and compare manufacturers and brands. Here you will be able to research any type of information you require, such as where the product is made, the company’s reputation, the ingredients used and find tons of reviews for you to read.

The insight you gather from this research about each manufacturer and the fluoride free toothpaste that is produced by them, will assist in finding a suitable fluoride free toothpaste for you and your families oral health care regime. If you know the fluoride free toothpaste you prefer, click on this link to take you to AMAZON to complete your purchase.



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