What’s the best natural toothpaste?

Naurally Free Oral Health


At flouride-free-toothpaste.com, we are excited to be part of the biome Eco Stores by being able to offer you the natural, cruelty-free, chemical free, ethical and sustainable toothpaste products in what is the best natural toothpaste range available today that also meet the highest of standards.

As the founder of Biome states ” Our vision is to preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wonderous planet for now and for all who come after us”.

The biome values

These values guide all that biome do for you and the planet, and how the team works together.

We act with: Integrity & Compassion

We are: Curious, Dynamic, Ground breaking, Advocates, Friendly, Supportive & Hopeful

biome’s value of being ground breaking has seen them become Australia’s first B Corp certified retailer and the first Palm Oil Investigations certified palm oil free retail store.

Banned ingredients

There’s a thing about products that are safer for the environment, they’re better for your wellbeing too.

They vet 1000’s of products every year against their strict standards, in particular their “Dirty 30” list of banned ingredients, and truth in labeling.

All skin care and beauty products at Biome are 100% cruelty-free, palm oil free, and free from synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, and fragrances.

They also care about the people who make our products and grow the ingredients.

Every product at Biome is

Free from all known or suspected toxins

Cruelty free

Made without exploitation or harm to people or animals

Natural fibers are Certified Organic, or hemp or linen which is grown and processed without chemicals

Verified for all claims such as ‘organic’, ‘cruelty-free’, ‘bamboo’, ‘biodegradable’

Longer lasting than the alternative, thus saving resources and pollution

Made by a reputable person or business with a story to tell

Look at the range of their oral hygiene products available for your family’s requirements

They consider whether the product and its ingredients are

Eliminating single use plastic

Simple and uncomplicated, as close to the natural state as possible

Made in Australia – less carbon miles and supports local economy

Grown and manufactured in a sustainable way

Vegan (98% of products at Biome are vegan)

Packaging free


Recycled or assists recycling

Resource-efficient or reducing consumption

Designed to be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of its life

Inspiring love for the environment


This is why we at flouride-free-toothpaste.com are happy to have biome Eco Stores as part of our product options, for our visitors to choose from. We hope you enjoy the range and multitude of products that are inherently better for us and where we live. Here are just a few of the wonderful natural toothpastes available for you to try.




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4 thoughts on “What’s the best natural toothpaste?”

  1. Hi Bernie

    I love the idea of flouride-free toothpaste, as I have heard about the negative effects that flouride has on our bodies. I would be interested to hear some of your recommendations for flouride-free toothpastes. 

    You are quite enthusiastic about Biome’s products in your article. What would you consider to be some of their best natural toothpastes?

    • Hi Shell

      Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you are aware of the negative effects fluoride can have on our bodies.

      With fluoride free toothpaste there are many options to choose today and toothpate brands manufacturers will have their unique formulations. If you have a look at my article “https://flouride-free-toothpas…” this will assist you in selecting a fluoride free toothpaste. 

      Biome share the same ethical and quality standards that flouride-free-toothpaste.com is all about. Not only in their oral health care but in the complete range of products they retail. I can confidently say and trust in their range ot natural organic toothpastes they have available for you to try. 



  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for this informations about our health and  also for the world we living this days it is great to know that BIOME focus is on how to make the world a better living and make our life better, thank you once again i would

    lookup for this product.

    • Hi mike rrsq

      At flouride-free-toothpaste.com we are confident with the products that Biome offer. Their standards are of the highest and stringent order to be found. Their ethical business principles are definitely helping our lives and our world. Thank you for your comments.




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