The Best All Natural Prebiotic Toothpaste by Revitin

Naurally Free Oral Health

The World’s First Prebiotic Toothpaste

Based on the emerging science of the oral microbiome, the company was developed from the idea that a bio-effective oral care cleanser would maintain and re balance the oral cavity’s natural defenses for cleaner, fresher, and healthier teeth.

The Revitin Company

More than 15 years ago, and from the research of two visionary dentists, the best all natural toothpaste by Revitin was created by Dr. Gerry Curatola and Dr. David Shuch and represents a paradigm shift within the oral care industry. Revitin is a life science company focused on proper oral health and overall systemic health and wellness. It is the world’s first and only oral care formulation that successfully balances the oral microbiome to its natural, healthy state.

The Toothpaste

The developers of Revitin discarded the traditional antimicrobial approach, and leveraged oral microbiome science to create a safe and effective natural toothpaste containing high-quality ingredients. There is simply no other toothpaste that fosters a balanced, healthy oral microbiome.

Revitin is made with natural nutrients, containing key vitamins and essential enzymes. It cleans and whitens teeth “naturally,” all the while supporting a balanced oral microbiome.

With Revitin toothpaste, you'll find only the highest-quality natural ingredients. Equally important, you won't find fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), antibacterial ingredients, parabens, artificial colors, alcohol, or any other insane additive. Revitin is a chemical free, detergent free, and antibacterial free toothpaste.

Revitin's Mission

From the beginning, the Revitin mission was clear. Provide a safe, natural toothpaste alternative that delivers better results. Committed to moving beyond the outdated antimicrobial approach to toothpaste formulation, Dr. Curatola and Dr. David Shuch leveraged their knowledge on oral microbiome science; resulting in the birth of Revitin, the world’s first prebiotic toothpaste.

Research in Oral Care

Research conducted by the Human Microbiome Project, shows the conventional approach to toothpaste formulation (harsh chemicals with antimicrobial agents) is not only ineffectual but harmful. The traditional formulation of toothpaste has resulted in sub-par efficacy, as products looking to kill bacteria or destroy plaque fail to create a sustainable, healthy oral environment. This “pesticide” approach to oral care results in an environment that is more susceptible to disease.


Until the development of Revitin, there had been no significant positive innovation in toothpaste for over 60 years. New research has dramatically changed our understanding of oral care and its relationship to systemic diseases. Yet, current manufacturers have failed to modify their outdated approaches. As a result of the outdated formulation of toothpaste and the use of harsh chemicals with antimicrobial agents.

Revitin is a natural toothpaste made for health-conscious people who care about their oral health and their whole body wellness. Revitin natural toothpaste is the solution for people who appreciate the important role a balanced oral microbiome plays in keeping our body's immune system functioning and strong, the way nature designed it.


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