Non fluoride toothpaste brands – Helping you to choose one, begins here

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When you begin to research for the right non fluoride toothpaste brand for you and your family’s oral health care, you will find that there are many options on the market. It may be a daunting task to sift through the hundreds of products and offers for you to choose from and helping you choose begins here. I have put together some steps to perhaps make it easier to select a non fluoride toothpaste that will be right for the whole family, or maybe just you.

Step 1

Commence by making a list of what you would like your non fluoride toothpaste to accomplish for you and your family’s oral health care. This list is only the start, ask the members of your family what they would consider important to them. You may need to explain to your family the reasons why you want to change to a fluoride free toothpaste, just have a look at my previous article “Dangers with fluoride use” for some points.

Example list:

1. must be non fluoride toothpaste, no nasty chemicals

2. safe for the children to use

3. made from natural ingredients

4. have antibacterial properties

5. gluten and SLS free, 

6. not tested on animals

7. consider the taste and flavour

8. do you prefer the product in a tube, pump or a jar

9. what is your budget

10. fresh healthy oral care

11. where is it made

These are just some examples of the things you can have on your list. Write what is important to you and your family.


Step 2

Once you have collected all your specific requirements in your list, its time to commence and research on the internet. Take your time, like I said earlier there are many of non fluoride toothpastes to choose from. With your specific requirements now locked in (these are the main words) you are going to search the internet and narrow down your choises to just a few brands.

Search, search, search the specific requirements, remember this is a broad search to narrow down the non fluoride toothpastes that have some or all of the requirements you are looking for. How many selections you have found depends on your specific requirements.



Step 3

Now that you have a selection of the non fluoride toothpastes that matches most of your specific requirements, search the internet for each specific product by name and read the product description, ingredients and reviews. Don’t forget to include the members of your family to help in choosing the non fluoride toothpaste.



Step 4

Final step is to purchase the product. Just remember there may be a minimum cost you may need to outlay.

                                                                                                                                      You can start here





I hope this process has helped you and your family feel confident in the decision you have all made in choosing and purchase of non fluoride toothpaste. If there are any steps that you think would be beneficial to include into this step by step guide,  let me know in the comments below.  Thank you and enjoy your naturally free oral health care.


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