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Be the Change

The changeover from conventional lifestyle products to a natural organic lifestyle one, is a choice worth making. You are seeing some changes at the present time occurring throughout the world in the way consumers choose to purchase their products.

It’s up to each one of us to forge and demand a new standard. We must make it clear to manufacturers, suppliers and producers to convert to a more harmonious, natural and health conscious system for the production of food and products, that we as consumers need and want.

You as a consumer, control the power over manufacturing companies and producers by the selections you make every time you purchase a product.

You Can Make It Happen

Is the personal health and wellness of yourself and your family is of the highest priority?

Every decision made by each one of you in regard to the products being purchased will set in motion a chain reaction that truly matters. This decision you are making with your money, will encourage manufactures to change their overall production behaviour mindset.

We can make this happen if each one of us in your own way, is able to make an effort to review the products we want to purchase and ensure they are the most environmentally friendly, ethical, nontoxic, pesticides free, GMO free, organic and natural alternative we can afford.

Lets encourage businesses, producers and manufacturers to change with the power of your purchases.

Principles to Look For

Are you going to be part of the change that is happening right now? You do, then continue reading.

The more of you that commit in your own small way and can band together through the power of your purchases, the quicker we will succeed at ensuring our world is as sustainable as possible for us and our future generations.

Here is a list of what to look for when selecting your products for purchase. This thinking goes for every product, from toothpaste, household items to anything you use in your daily life.

The business principles and philosophies of the companies and manufacturers you will purchase from should address some of the following;

Ethical principles

Moral integrity

Cruelty Free

Chemical free

Non toxic


Sustainable production

Benefits the community

Companies such as “The Well Store”, “Biome Ecco Stores” and “Adama Minerals”, are at the forefront on this thinking and have been for many years. They will not stock, promote or sell items through their stores that do not meet their rigid standards.

Is the world better for it

Look at this way, if all companies and manufacturers were thoughtful enough to incorporate into products, concepts like ecco packaging, recycling and using recycled materials either in the initial production and be fully recyclable after its use. This would greatly reduce the amount of waste generated as a whole.

There is no doubt that our current lifestyles contribute to our environmental concerns, challenges we have at the present time and we should do everything possible to reduce the impact we inflict upon it.

By thinking about the choices you make and what you do every day you can and will:

1. Generate less waste

2. Recycle as much as possible

3. Create less pollution

There are many initiatives throughout the world tackling the issues and we can see the benefits to the world as soon as they are implemented in many cases.

One person at a time

You, just one person at a time can reverse the thinking and culture towards our environment from companies and manufacturers that don’t care or respect our environment.

Ready to take the challenge

Begin to be the change in your part of the world by taking the challenge and convert three(3) items from your weekly shopping, gifts or personal requirements to natural organic lifestyle products today.

Just imagine the impact you will have if 10,000 of us did this? It means 30,000 products that are better for you, our environment a cleaner healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

While at the same time we all benefit because you are helping our environment by ensuring positive change in the manufacturing, production and distribution of products that you use everyday.

You can start your challenge by selecting your products through these stores


Biome Ecco Store


The Well Store


Adama Minerals

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