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Made with 100% pure Calcium Montmorillonite clay, our products harness the power of 57 trace minerals. Adama Minerals believes in the Earth’s ability to heal the body throughout the product range and fluoride free toothpaste benefits of clay.
Montmorillonite comes from California near Desert Mineral Springs where the ground is spewing Clean and Pure mineral water. This special clay comes from beneath the top Earth layer where the clay has been scientifically analyzed to contain more than 57 beneficial trace minerals. Enjoy this Natural, and Unique Ancient Remedy to Energize your Skin and Internal Body.
Healing takes place when the mind and body are in balance. Explore natural remedies that support the spirit and body connection.

Living Clay

Calcium Montmorillonite has been called a “living clay”, a term used by well known nutritionist Neva Jensen. “Living Clay” shares the ability to cling to toxins with your own cells. Yes. Your cells also act as a anions that use receptors to affix toxic compunds to their outer shell. But cells can’t just go away. They hold onto pathogenic substances while they continue to support life. When clay compounds get in your blood, lymph and intestinal tract, it simply copies this function, allowing cells to get rid of the bad compounds so they can spend more time keeping you alive. No other mineral substance or drug can claim this dual function.
There is abundant scientific research that gives clear evidence regarding the nutritional and detoxifying properties of Clay. Special types of clay have been used throughout history to heal ailments of the skin and internal body including rashes, red skin, stomach illness, and food poisoning.

Why not try this fluoride free toothpaste and give it your teeth the natural effective care they deserve.  ClayBrite offers a clean feeling without the worrisome use of chemicals. Fight damage, odor causing bacteria to nourish and detoxify for the optimal oral health care regime.



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4 thoughts on “Fluoride Free Toothpaste Benefits of Clay”

  1. Hi there, I’m a skincare specialist and can definitely appreciate the beneficial properties of clay! it is fabulous for purifying and detoxification.

    I have never come across it within toothpaste before, I wonder if it would have additional whitening benefits due to it slightly abrasive texture.

    fluoride is well documented as being essential in protecting against cavities so without the fluoride does the toothpaste contain any addition ingredients that will provide that added protection?

    What are your thought? 

    • Hi Amy

      There a few brands on the market that use some type of clay in the formulations of their toothpaste, this clay is ultra fine and suitable for most users. Gentle brushing is always recommended to avoid undue wear of the enamel and some electric toothbrushes have pressure sensitivity technology that assist in with this. 

      Please read through my article “Danger with fluoride use” https://flouride-free-toothpas… and please watch the video.

      We naturally ingest what we need through a healthy diet and our natural oral microbials help to protect our teeth enamel.

      Thank you for your comments



  2. Well! All my life, it has been based on heavy dependence on the fluoride toothpastes and seeing something like this out here is really great to see and I really like it. Well! Personally, I will like the clay toothpaste for it seems they aare more beneficial to our dentition than the fluoride and that is really great to see. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all

    • Hi EliteCarol

      Thank you for your comments and hopefully soon you will incorporate a fluoride free toothpaste as of your daily oral health care regime. You will be very happy knowing that you will not be introducing nasty chemicals into your body.




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