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With all family members being catered for, the electric toothbrushes from BLU will certainly live up to the task. What an amazing electric toothbrush, with all the features you could ask for and solid quality design. It’s an impressive value for money must have, for your overall oral health care regime.

Here are a couple of reviews from satisfied customers and what they have said:

       “I thought I was brushing my teeth properly, but was shocked when I began tracking everything with the BLU app. I wasn’t brushing for two minutes and would miss spots. I wish I discovered this sooner.”

        “BLU is the easiest way to make sure my son is brushing his teeth properly. I LOVE the fact that we can track if he’s missing any spots, not brushing for the full two minutes, or just plain forgetting to brush before bed. I wish I had this for my older son!”


BLU Dynamic Sonic Cleaning Action drives water and micro bubbles between the teeth and along gum lines effectively cleaning each and every tooth.

The high frequency sonic technology is clinically proven to remove up to 100% more plaque biofilm in hard to reach areas and remove stains up to two times more within one week than a manual toothbrush.

The BLU Sonic Toothbrush is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of users due to its five personalized modes.

This versatility allows users to tailor their brushing experience to their own needs as well as their dental professional’s advice.

Impressive Features 

Five Brushing Modes

One-Touch Power and Mode Selection Up to 40,000 Brush strokes per minute

Auto 2 Minute timer signals every 30-seconds to clean next section of the mouth along with animated app feature.

Up to one-month battery life

Advanced new handle ergonomically designed for comfort.

Wireless Base Charger, Wireless Charging Travel Case (Optional)

Water Proof IPX7

BLU APP compatible for smart tracking , IOS and Android supported.

The Live track brush highlights the teeth you have brushed and takes you back to any missed spots, ensuring 100% coverage every time

Records your brushing frequency

Alerts you when a new brush head is needed

Suggests brushing recommendations based on your history and brushing habits

Power percentage

Know your problem areas so you can take better care of them

Combining the forces of ULTRASONIC technology and SONIC bristle motion

A Faster Clean:
Proven to remove more than 94% of total plaque in the first minute of brushing.

Improved Gum Health: BLU is proven to reduce gingivitis in just 30 days

Whiter Teeth: Proven to reduce surface stains in just 30 days

A Longer-Lasting Feeling of Clean: Most people who used BLU for 30 days thought their teeth felt smoother and cleaner for longer than usual. The majority liked BLU Electric Toothbrush more than the power toothbrush they use normally.

A Safe & Gentle Clean: Proven to be safe and gentle for everyday use, even if you have sensitivity. Safe for use with braces, dental work, and implants.

Try BLU Ultrasonic Toothbrush for yourself today. If you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days, return it for a full refund. No questions asked!




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8 thoughts on “Electric Toothbrushes BLU Reviews”

  1. I absolutely love BLU toothbrushes. I have been using electric toothbrushes for years and none of them worked that good. I saw the BLU toothbrush through an ad and I was sold almost instantly. I have been using this for a couple months now and my teeth are so much whiter, I am actually surprised at how well these work considering the affordable price tag.

  2. Hi.There is an old saying that a smile is the mirror.I find blu important in ensuring our teeth are clean,therefore giving confidence in smiling. More so it help us clean our to teeth in little time and also taking care of dental health at large.It makes the activity fun and enjoyable .Thank you for sharing this.Go forth and conquer.

  3. Electric toothbrushes have been helpful from time to time but one major challenge is their durability as these toothbrushes do not stand the test of time. i would love to give blu electric toothbrush a try and see how the performance is. thank you for creating this article. it is detailed.

    • Hi Kirkland

      Whenever we use any mechanical device we should always follow the manufacturers care instructions for that device to ensure the item is at its best working condition for as long as possible. An electric toothbrush is no different, follow the care instructions to have an electric toothbrush fulfill its full potential. Enjoy your new Blu electric toothbrush when you use it and let me know your thoughts. 



  4. Thank you for creating this superb article on blu toothbrushes.

    i had given up on electric toothbrushes because over the years all the ones i have been using always go bad in a very short time. this made me loose interest in it. however with the review that you have given, i would have to get one  blu electric toothbrush and experience it.

    • Hi Smoochi

      Don’t give up, as an electric toothbrush will provide a clean and healthy brushing experience. Make sure to follow the care instructions and the toothbrush will perform at its optimum best.



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