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Are you ready to experience the feeling of the best and cleanest, freshest, smile you can have?

Welcome to the electric toothbrush best brands in 2020. These electric toothbrushes will truly impress and improve the cleanliness of your teeth and your overall oral health care regime.

Why Use an Electric Toothbrush

There a many positives to using an electric toothbrush for your dental hygiene and for the health care of your mouth. Electric Toothbrushes are recommended by dental professionals everywhere and have been proven to provide the best results.

Here is why these brands will achieve the desired results

Health positives

Help remove more plaque from teeth

Keep teeth whiter

Thorough cleaning is achieved

Greater overall hygiene

Reduces tendency to brush harder

Reduce gingivitis

Product positives

Helps Kids brush regularly

Easy to use

Responsive with different modes

Brush head moves for you

Gentler on the gums (pressure sensor)


Timers for correct length of brushing

Changeable brush heads

Easier to use for children and individuals with dexterity concerns

Make Your Selection

There are many brands of electric toothbrushes, they are all different in some way, some pulsate while others vibrate. Within these brands there are  models with all the features you can think of, while others only have just the basics.

This is where you have to decide on what features and style you will are most important to you. If you haven’t used one before it may seem a bit of a task, the list below will make your task a little easier. The environment will thank you for using one as this will help reduce plastic wastage.

The Best Brands of 2020 

Oral B

  • Up to 100% more plaque removal: Round head cleans better for healthier gums vs. a regular manual toothbrush
  • Protect your gums: Pressure Control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you brush too hard
  • Know you’ve brushed the right amount of time with the 2-minute professional timer
  • Daily Clean and Sensitive brushing modes

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  • Limited Edition Series Deep Dark Blue
  • Angled neck improves reach for better cleaning back of mouth
  • Gently increases power after first 14 uses
  • Removes up to 6X more plaque than a manual toothbrush

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  • HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION WITH PRESSURE SENSOR: This Wagner electric toothbrush comes with a high frequency vibration 48,000 VPM levitating motor to ensure a deep, thorough, and effective tooth brushing experience. Toothbrush has 5 cleaning modes and 4 levels of intensity. This combination allows you to choose from any one of 20 cleaning options. In addition, it has a built-in PRESSURE SENSOR to protect your teeth and gums from damage.
  • MADE TO COMFORTABLY CLEAN: We include 4 Medium and 4 Soft DuPont brush heads. In order to keep teeth and gums protected and soothed. A SMART vibration mechanism and SMART timer has been built into the toothbrush. Professional dental recommendations of 2 minutes brushing time with 30 seconds interval reminders are included to ensure the proper gum health. As a result, this toothbrush drastically improves gum health vs it’s competitors. We recommend changing the brush head every 3 month.
  • ULTRA WHITENING, IMPROVES GUM HEALTH: As a 100% Dentist-approved vibrating electric toothbrush, the Wagner SuperSonic removes up to 10 times more plaque than manual toothbrushes. As a result, it improves gum health in less than 2-weeks, and begins to whiten teeth in less than 1-week.
  • PRESSURE SENSOR AND 3D SLIDING CONTROL: In order to keep teeth and gums protected and soothed, a SMART vibration mechanism with PRESSURE SENSOR has been built into the toothbrush to ensure the proper gum health protective measures are being taken. As a result, this brush has been proven to improve gum health when compared to competitors. To change level of intensity slide finger UP or DOWN over vibration symbol with 4 LED.


  • Five Brushing Modes
  • One-Touch Power and Mode Selection Up to 40,000 Brush strokes per minute
  • Auto 2 Minute timer signals every 30-seconds to clean next section of the mouth along with animated app feature.
  • Up to one-month battery life
  • Advanced new handle ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • Wireless Base Charger, Wireless Charging Travel Case (Optional)
  • Water Proof IPX7
  • BLU APP compatible for smart tracking, IOS and Android supported.
  • The Live track brush highlights the teeth you have brushed and takes you back to any missed spots, ensuring 100% coverage every time
  • Records your brushing frequency
  • Alerts you when a new brush head is needed
  • Suggests brushing recommendations based on your history and brushing habits
  • Power percentage

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  • Sleek electric toothbrush in stylish black; Includes 360° Deep Clean Brush Head (Black) with a unique four zone design for a cleaner mouth
  • Unique multi directional cleaning superior plaque reduction vs a manual flat trim toothbrush
  • Sonic vibrations up to 30,000 strokes/min
  • Built in 2 minute timer and 30 second pacer to inform user to move to another quadrant of the mouth
  • Slim, lightweight handle designed for easy control



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