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We live in a world where chemicals are everywhere around us, in the air, soil, water and our food. At we want to bring to you products to enhance a free, healthy, organic and natural lifestyle.

Products that we use for our oral health care regime are an important start to reducing our consumption of chemicals in our daily diets. Have a read of my article “Fluoride Free Toothpaste – The naturally free Oral Hygiene” and see what ingredients are used to produce natural toothpaste.

There are hundreds of chemical free toothpaste brands on the market to choose products for your oral health care regime. Here is some chemical free toothpaste brands for your to review and perhaps add to your lifestyle.


Revitin CitruscleanRevitin Re-occurring

More than 15 years ago, from the research of two visionary dentists, the best all natural toothpaste by Revitin was created by Dr. Gerry Curatola and Dr. David Shuch and represents a paradigm shift within the oral care industry. Revitin is a life science company focused on proper oral health and overall systemic health and wellness. It is the world’s first and only oral care formulation that successfully balances the oral microbiome to its natural, healthy state.

Revitin is made with natural nutrients, containing key vitamins and essential enzymes. It cleans and whitens teeth “naturally,” all the while supporting a balanced oral microbiome. With Revitin toothpaste, your’ll find only the highest-quality natural ingredients.

Equally important, you won’t find fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), antibacterial ingredients, parabens, artificial colors, alcohol, or any other insane additive. Revitin is a chemical free, detergent free, and antibacterial free toothpaste.


Try Revitin


Grants of Australia

Grants of Australia is the brainchild of Mike and Michelle Aronson, who as health shop owners back in the 1980’s, were looking for a fluoride-free toothpaste suitable for their children that not only worked, but tasted great as well.

They couldn’t find what they were looking for, so it wasn’t long before the Aronson’s became pioneers. After some research and development, they launched Grants of Australia.

The Grants of Australia Oral Care range includes eight toothpastes, a mouthwash and three toothbrushes which are Certified Vegan by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. The Vegan Logo is a registered trademark for products that do not contain animal products or byproducts and that have not been tested on animals. The logo is permitted on products owned by companies located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and US territories but is distributed and recognized worldwide.


Dr Hisham’s Vital Teeth SerumDr Hisham's

Dr Hisham’s formulas harness the healing properties of New Zealand, Australian and European plant sourced ingredients, Organic oils & Vital Bio-minerals that are completely natural in effect, while eliminating all unnecessary harmful toxins.

Made from eco-friendly, food-grade ingredients and packaged in recyclable, refillable and reusable eco packaging. 100% vegan, keto, organic & physiologically natural ingredients.

Dr Hisham’s oral care system was born out of a desire to protect not only his own oral health, but that of his own daughter’s as a baby, without adding hazardous substances to her sensitive little body.

He started actively researching and mixing his own handmade formulations for his daughter Noor since she was born in 2001. It all started with 1 Vital Question:

“What if oral care products were actually health supplements protecting your and naturally nutritional to your and your symbiotic microbiome, rather than detergents, abrasives, irritants, toxins & environmental hazards?”


Grin Natural ToothpasteGrin Toothpaste

Back in 2013 with the surge of organic food and natural products Grin started to look at the ingredients in our toothpaste. Unable to find a toothpaste on the market without any added chemicals we set out to make a new kind of toothpaste to treat our teeth and mouths to something better.

In 2015 after 18 months of researching, testing and refining, Grin Natural was born! Not only is Grin toothpaste missing all the nasties, it’s natural active ingredients; Manuka Oil, Propolis and Organic Sea Salt, based on our laboratory test results, show good potential to combat the six common oral bacteria. Today, Grin Natural is stocked in over 600 retailers in New Zealand, including dental clinics nationwide

Wanting to create a product different to the rest, one that is natural with NO sodium lauryl sulfate, NO added sugar, NO preservatives, NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO fragrance and NO harsh abrasives. It was as much about what we were leaving out as what we were putting in.


NF Co Natural Toothpaste

The Natural Family Co Toothpaste

Determined to rise to this challenge and rid the world of unworthy toothpaste, they began searching far and wide for a botanical that tasted clean and fresh – one that could represent important aspects of life in Australia. In a magic moment, they happened upon some wild mint, which was quietly thriving on the banks of a creek – a stone’s throw away from their own backyard. This ultimately became the inspiration for including Australian Native River Mint in all NFco toothpaste varieties.

After much research, lab tweaks and tooth brushing, the team at NFco, have developed a range that ticks all the boxes. Fresh, minty taste, effective cleaning and plaque removal and squeezes out of the tube with no surprises. As your’d expect, NFco is made with the highest grade natural ingredients.


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    This post has give more knowledge about how i better treat my teeth, the product that it is  betere off , thank you  so much for this helpful review, i have learn a lot on it, what makes me like this toothpaste is fact that , it can be used by both old and young  for it help to prevent tooth decay and cavity. thanks, once again .


    • Hi Mike

      I’m glad to hear you have gained some understanding of chemical free toothpaste brands available for us to use. 



  2. I would definitely love to see more eco friendly toothpastes and brushes when shopping. However I often find that there are little information about chemical free, eco friendly alternatives to the fluoride toothpaste. I would actually love to see more fact based case studies or science studies on this theme in general. Proper Oral care is vital for our health – no doubt. I find your article interesting and will definitely check out some of these tooth pastes you mentioned to see if they actually is better to use than fluoride toothpaste. Just because it is eco friendly, chemical free and vegan does not mean they are better. Fluoride is proven to protect our teeth that is why it is used. I would really use a more natural toothpaste if I knew it will benefit my overall health. 

    • Hi Hilde

      Thank you for your comments and finding my article interesting. Fluoride that is found in nature isn’t the same fluoride used in conventional toothpastes and water fluoridation. Have a read of my article https://flouride-free-toothpas…and also have a look at the video. 

      Natural and chemical free oral health care has advanced and will keep on improving for our health benefits. 



  3. hello dear, so thoughtful of you to share to us  the knowledge of this chemical toothpaste brand..I must say that it is my first time getting to hear about the fluoride free toothpaste and gone through your review on it I’m quite convinced with your details content that this product is one that will serve its intended production purpose and I look forward to getting it thanks for sharing your your facts on it and I look forward to sharing it in my blog

    • Hi Evans 

      Thank you for your comments and using chemical free toothpaste is a great start to a healthy oral hygiene regime.




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