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Naurally Free Oral Health

Have you ever thought or considered using a naturally healthy, chemical free fluoride free toothpaste?  We all have been taught for many years that fluoride will strengthen the enamel on our teeth. Yes this is true, fluoride does make our teeth enamel stronger. The problem is, the type of fluoride being used in classical toothpaste, is not the fluoride that is best for you.

What if you had other options available to you for your family’s naturally healthy oral hygiene regime?

Avoiding Chemicals, additives and preservatives

As a society we consume chemicals, additives and preservatives added to our foods. Most of the time these are not disclosed as they have been considered safe by our respective health agencies. The problem is our bodies can only endure this intrusive onslaught for so long and then we wonder why we have so many sicknesses and illnesses throughout the world. We must all try to consume and use products that are free from these invaders that are stealthely  harming  our health.

The journey

The journey of a thousand brushes to a fluoride free toothpaste health regime, starts with a single brush. It’s not easy I will have to admit, trying to use and consume in our daily diet, products that are chemical, additive and preservative free. Fruits and vegetables and many other products we consume, will have some sort of chemicals, pesticides or preservatives sprayed or put onto them.

Using chemical and fluoride free toothpaste was the beginning of this journey to change to a healthier lifestyle for my family and I.

Why fluoride free toothpaste

I began many years ago, by changing my oral health regime after researching about fluoride and understanding the difference between what was good and what was harmful. You can read my article “Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Benefits for your chemical free natural oral health”.

The first decision made was to use a chemical-free fluoride-free toothpaste that was prepared with the most natural ingredients. This was then followed by scrutinizing how to reduce the amount of harmful fluoride we were consuming. Have a read of “Dangers with fluoride use” and see the different flouride delivery mechanisms.

The benefits of fluoride free toothpaste

1. It is safe for young children, if your child swallows too much fluoride they won’t be at risk of fluorosis.

2. It reduces the risk of physical damage as fluoride-free products can help reduce the risk of structural damage to your body.

3. Natural ingredients used in fluoride free toothpaste range from charcoal, mint, green tea, propolis, baking soda, papaya plant extract, aloe vera, tea tree oil, to name a few. free toothpaste

4. Gentler to your gums.

5. These toothpastes can be considered: Paraben free, Gluten free, SLS free, Saccharin free, Titanium Dioxide free, Vegan , Cruelty free.

6. They can also help stop allergic reactions.

Just remember that some plants and herbal extracts have potent medicinal properties, these so called – natural – toothpaste may also contain harsh preservatives and abrasives which can make your teeth sensitive and have nothing to do with preventing tooth decay.

Making the switch

Making the switch to a chemical-free fluoride-free toothpaste that is naturally healthy will bring many positives to your family’s oral heath care regime. To choose the right one have a read of my article “Non flouride toothpaste brands – Helping you to choose one, begins here”. You will have the peace of mind that you are one brush closer in the journey and will not be ingesting harmful chemicals into your body. Welcome to the journey.


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4 thoughts on “Chemical Free, Fluoride Free Toothpaste Naturally Healthy”

  1. Hi

    I have  been thinking about changing to a sodium fluoride free toothpaste for a while and wonder what the benefits are. Yes fluoride has been used in toothpaste for a while, but you wonder if you will be overdosing  if you accidentally  swallow too much. I know there are alternatives  but you wonder if some of the abrasive  chemicals used in these toothpaste can cause more damage to the enamel.

    Ii think I need to start buying fluoride free toothpaste from now on.



    • Hi Antonio
      Thank you for your comments, when you consider that we normally brush our teeth twice a day and we drink fluoridated water, at least by changing to a flouride free natural alternative you know you will be ingesting less of this chemical into your body. In regards to accidentally overdose by swallowing a conventional toothpaste all I can say is there are warnings on these toothpaste not to be ingested, specially by children.
      Much of the damage and wear on the enamel comes from brushing with too much pressure. If you use a good electric toothbrush this will assist to reduce the abrasivenes that a normal hand toothbrush produces. Most alternative toothpastes use natural ingredients and some people may be allergic these, always read the label and ingredients. thanks for your comments,

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am a natural person, in love with nature and addicted to anything natural. Flouride like you rightly said is a great product for its advantages on teeth strength and the gums. But a chemical on the other hand always got an affect because all chemicals are like drugs depending on how you as an individual use them.

    Finding a natural supplement for Flouride will be great and I obviously will wish to give a try and see how it works. The benefits listed are encouraging. I wish you could add a link to direct us where to have this product. I will also wish to ask your permission for me to share this on my social media platform. Many people wish to see this but sometimes the information on the net is so crowded and only few can endure through a long search.

    • Hi Jeff
      There are many brands of flouride free toothpaste to select from and you may have to try a few before you find one you truly like and suit you oral health requirements. Some brands use Xylitol in their formulas and some researchers suggest that it may help in dental health. I will look at adding some extra links and feel free to share. Thank you for your feedback


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